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How did we do:
They were terrific. They treated my dog as if I was their own and we had no worries about her care during our time away.  

Would you have your pet stay with us again?
Absolutely, they took great care of our dog and treated the dog with love and care  that  gave us a chance to enjoy our time away because we knew that our dog was getting excellent care and love.

How likely would you recommend us to your friends and family?
I would rate Kat’s Kennels as the best. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best; it is definitely a 10.

What can we do to improve our business?
With the love and attention given our dog, we don’t believe there is anything to add. the faculty is clean well Fence with plenty of land who run around and the attention towards our dog just didn’t seem to have any need for improvements we believe that this is the best kennel I have come across not only because of the faculty but because of the people who run the faculty and give the care that is absolutely filled with a loving attention towards animals.  

Edward and Pam G.

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A very good place and the coolest advice!

June K.

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How did we do:

Excellent job! My little dog Daisy was very well taken care of. Thank you

Would you have your pet stay with us again?


How likely would you recommend us to your friends and family?

Very likely!

Serena H.

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My babies were right at home at Kats Kennels. Kat and her family did an excellent job making sure they were safe and happy. Frequent updates and they even got a little spa treatment before they came home. 

My four furbabies have stayed at Kats Kennels twice in the last month. Both times they have stayed I have been super impressed with the condition of the property and the attentiveness of Kat and her staff. My "kids" have come home like they had a week away at camp ~ tired, but happy. Kat does an excellent job of communicating with pictures and texts! I feel that my babies have her complete attention when they are in her care.

Angie M.

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How did we do: 

We were very impressed with the cleanliness of the kennel, and the exercise and  attention that Harley received.

Would you have your pet stay with us again? 


How likely would you recommend us to your friends and family? 

Very likely. As a matter of fact, I have already recommended your kennel to a  number of people. 

What can we do to improve our business? 

I would love to see you offer training and obedience class.

Wade and Susie H.

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They did a great job grooming my 2 Jack Russells.  They have such a nice, clean facility and the dogs get lots of personal attention!

Karen C.

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Our lab does daycare three days a week and loves it! The attention and care Kat gives is unmatched by anyone else in the area. The kennels are beautiful, clean, and well maintained. We feel very comfortable taking our dog there. There is lots of playtime, photos of how your dog is doing, and access to other services like grooming.

James W.



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How did we do:

Great set up with indoor/outdoor kennels, big yard and ability to put pets together if needed. Kat and her sons obviously love the animals and the care shows. My boy looks great, just as if he had been at home healing from his surgery.

Would you have you pet stay at Kat’s Kennels LLC again?


How likely would you recommend Kat’s Kennels LLC to your friends and family?


Your opinion matters to us, what can we do to improve our business?

Only suggestion I would have is to keep all items for an animal together so when not in use, so nothing gets left behind.

Cheryl B.

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How did we do: 

Awesome job! recognizing our dog is not used to being around other dogs, kat let her out on her own. Texts and pictures and videos of our dog let us know she was being well taken care of.

Would you have your pet stay with us again? 

Absolutely!  Being right down from the road of us is also a big plus! 

How likely would you recommend us to your friends and family? 

Having just moved in we are still in the process of getting familiar with the town and it’s people. But if anyone asks, we will definitely recommend Kat’s.

What can we do to improve our business? 

Just stay there and stay open! 

Ronald G.

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How did we do: 

Great! -  I am always worried about my pet, with Kat’s it’s worry free. ( kennel is super clean!! )

Would you have your pet stay with us again? 

Yes!  The people at Kats really care! ( clean and pest free. )

How likely would you recommend us to your friends and family? 


What can we do to improve our business? 

My cat was well taken care of. It’s almost like she was on vacation. Nothing else to do! Great peace of mind too!

Steve L.

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definitely Kat, is the BEST. She's a lovely person and simple loves animals. . 


 I couldn't have meet a better person. Yes we are Blessed to have her near by. Thanks again 😊

Cynthia S.

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My first time grooming by Amy for my grumpy old man. He looks great and his struttin' the new do!!!!! Highly recommend. And the boxer pups are gorgeous!

I recommend Amy ( groomer) and the kennels without hesitation. The property is gorgeous with a huge fenced area for play and exercise, the kennels are large and immaculate(no odors!)with outside kennel access, and I observed several staff interacting with the dogs with kindness and delight. Beautiful place!

Leslee H.

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Chance “Boss”

We got our beautiful red fawn male boxer from Kat and could not be happier. He is so smart and well behaved.


Training has been a breeze, and he fits into our family perfectly.  Kat was wonderful to work with and answered all my questions promptly. We were able to visit the puppies before making our purchase which some breeders don’t allow. 


If you’re looking for a boxer, Melendez Boxers at Kat Kennels is the place to go.

Breanne A.

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Louise “Bucks“


This is how Louise spent the afternoon while I was on calls.  Hard work being a puppy.


Louise keeps growing like a weed!  She continues to have a great personality and willingness for training.  It’s nice how calm she is around the house but loves being free in the trail, especially if there are children to chase.  We get compliments about her wherever we go.  She is beautiful

Eric  and  Lauren  H.

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Sadie Rae “Baby “

It was on a complete whim that I got our brindle boxer, Sadie Rae from Kat. 


The process was a breeze! The puppies were so loved and well taken care of. She has been a blessing to our family!


Side Note: I took our Sadie to the vet 11/22/19. The vet spoke so highly of Kat, her kennels and puppies. She also told me “if she ever got a boxer it would come from Kat!”

Jessie W.

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Lucy “Bunny“


Thank You..Lucy's been great fun and a blessing addition to our family...would highly recommend Kats Kennel to anyone looking for healthy pups..keep up with your professional good services.


Nick Darla U.